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Mitramas Infosys Global catalyzes the growth of your core business with hardware solutions, software development,and tech talent solutions.

We provide you with:

✔️ Cutting-edge resources

✔️ Efficient and competitive cost

✔️ Guaranteed level of service

Proven nationwide success in serving diverse businesses

45+ cities, 9000+ managed-service devices. 200+ tech talents.

Discover how our expertise can enhance your business


Lighten up your heavy capital in IT infrastructure

Transform your traditional procurement into a managed service model, guaranteeing predictable monthly costs and excellent service levels.


Delivering tailor-made solutions for your business

Bringing your ideas to reality. Our team can help you develop various platforms that are unique to your needs.


Our talent, your growth

Build or expand your team with our streamlined hiring process, on-demand expertise, flexible headcounts, and talent working periods.

Collaborate with us and enjoy these benefits

On-Demand Services

Our comprehensive services can fulfill all types of business needs to help you optimize, transform, and excel.

Reliable Partner

20 years of successful nationwide experience. We're a long-term partner you can rely on.

Competitive Pricing

We offer the best services tailored to your needs at the best prices.

Efficient Solutions

Optimize your business and streamline operations with our all-in-one solutions.

Looking for jobs instead?

As a MIGhty talent, you'll get these benefits:

Hands-on experience from a variety of leading industries.

Opportunities to find solutions and make a difference, with our support.

Resources to enhance your personal and professional development.

Enjoy seamless tech solutions without the hassle.

What technology solutions are you looking for?

Our team has the expertise and resources to meet your needs.



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